Let’s Live In Young Bodies Forever – Not As Far-Fetched As You Might Think

Why do we accept to die? I accept I aboriginal asked that catechism of my mom if I was 4 years old. She explained to me that “we are all traveling to die sometime, anybody has to die eventually,” and of advance that acknowledgment was anon followed up with addition question; “Why?” Today, I still accept that it doesn’t accept to be like that, and that currently no one gets out of the life-experience ALIVE, maybe we can extend that affair we alarm afterlife for one, two, or maybe 10-times the accepted continuance and today, instead of allurement why, I ask; Why Not?

Now then, there was an absorbing commodity in the Daily Mail on October 14, 2016 titled; “Has the abstruse of abiding adolescence been found? Advisers define actinic they say ‘has the abeyant to adjourn aging'” by Cheyenne MacDonald which acclaimed the afterward findings:

1.) Advisers advised the crumbling action in both mice and roundworms

2.) These were bred with the neurodegenerative affliction Ataxia telangiectasia

3.) They begin abacus coenzyme NAD+ adjourned crumbling and continued lives

4.) According to the researchers, agnate after-effects would acceptable action in humans

Longevity Analysis – Able-bodied again let’s accumulation aftermath it and accord it out at every hospital, academy and put it in our aliment and pet food, as anon as we apperceive for sure. You see, I too am actual into the “Lifespan” challenges, and accept we can break this botheration – it would anticipate approaching wars because humans would accept lived through the history and again see the signs repeat, and put a annihilate to it.

Should we armamentarium this research? Absolutely, I do accept as the “pure research” gets afterpiece that entrepreneurs will kick-in and armamentarium the rest, as humans are accommodating to absorb all their adored abundance for even one added year of life, one acumen the medical profession does so well. If it comes to medical issues, there is a free-market allotment apparatus, already the basal analysis shows promise. In fact, I yield an online newsletter from a gentleman, about a Billionaire, who is allotment start-ups alive on this problem. So, by all agency let’s armamentarium the pure-research, and get this appearance on the road. You see, Cancer, AIDS, Heart Disease is abhorrent and kills millions of people, but EVERYONE dies of old age, and I don’t accept that has to be the case.

Lengthen the telomeres, and augment the appropriate enzymes with the appropriate proteins and viola – should be simple to do, humans could reside 100s of years. Anticipate of how abundant that would be? I don’t anticipate you’d accept to pay 10s of bags of scientists, alone the ones alive with a acceptable attempt at it. Also, I wouldn’t be afraid if we accept a advance in this amplitude aural the next 5-years after added funding, but government allotment now would ensure it, why not? Why not move advanced with a Manhattan Project Level or Moonshot Level emphasis. I anticipate we’ve about baffled the blight problem, acknowledgment to big data, and AI, we will accept it ample out, immune-therapy is authoritative absurd strides appropriate now..

We are authoritative advance on diseases, but apprehend a lot of are age-related, so we break that, we’ve cut the amount of diseases by 3/4. It’s alone a amount of time until we amount this out, why not now, afore our time runs out? Anticipate on this.